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Sofia Papazoglou - Meet the Artist




with a group of great musicians

in a musical journey from Smyrna to America

Sofia Papazoglou was born in Brussels, but moved with her family to Thessaloniki at the age of six. She started singing Greek traditional and contemporary folk music in the clubs of Thessaloniki during her student years at the Aristoteleio University, where she got her bachelor degree in Education. She later studied voice at the Contemporary Conservatory of Athens with Medea lasonidou.

Sofia made numerous solo appearances in clubs and theaters and she collaborated with the foremost Greek artists and groups including Eleftheria Arvanitaki, George Dalaras, Glykeria, Alkinoos Ioannidis, Giannis Markopoulos, Dionisis Savvopoulos Hristos Nikolopoulos, the Mikis Theodorakis orchestra, Estoudiantina orchestra and others.

She toured in Greece, Cyprus, USA, Canada, UK, France, Holland, Belgium, Australia, Spain, Austria, Ιsrael, Palestine and Turkey. The artist has released seven solo albums: Stenagmos Anatolitis (Nikos Mamagakis Lyra, 1996), Pame Notia (George Zikas Lyra, 1998), Osa Sou Moiazoun (Manolis Pappos-Thanasis Papakonstantinou- Alkinoos Ioannidis- Ilias Katsoulis Universal Music, 2003), Pempti Apogevma (Panagiotis Kalantzoloulos Cantini, 2005), Ena paraxeno taxidi (Dasho Kurti- Vasilis Ketentzoglou Metronomos, 2009), "Min Tis Milas Tis Monaxias Ston Eniko"( Hristos Nikolopoulos- Nikos Anagnostakis Ogdoo, 2011), San Paidiko Paihnidi (Christos Tsiamoulis MLK 2015).

Her CD Pempti Apogevma entered the top ten list of the “World Music Charts Europe” in March 2005, and reached no7 in April.

Sofia is featured in many Greek and international recordings of traditional and contemporary folk music in Universal Music, EMI, Sony, Putumayo, CC n’C, Lyra, Eros, Cantini.

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